Jubilee 17th General Assembly Service: The Coming of Christ, Our Year of Jubilee




Jubilee World 17th Anniversary/General Assembly commenced with the opening service. Jubilee members from various regions, including students of Jubilee School and Jubilee Teens, filled the sanctuary, eager to receive the grace of God.

P. Xavier Plais, Europe representative of Jubilee World, gave a message on Leviticus 25. The year of Jubilee was God's promise to the Israelites. This promise was made manifest through His one and only Son Jesus Christ, who redeemed mankind from the bondage of sin with His sacrifice, and proclaimed the year of Jubilee.

For us, it is not just a year, but a lifestyle of praising God and declaring His redemption to the whole world, living free from the burden of sin and proclaiming salvation to the captives. This is Jubilee's commission.

Jubilee World looks forward to the anniversary service on the following day, as well as the Jubilee Orpheum Theater dedication service. May the Spirit of God pours out an abundance of grace and blessings in this year of Jubilee, as members prepare to meet Him by faith.