Music Students Prepare for 2018 Convocation Choir


After completing the three-month Summer internship program abroad, Jubilee College of Music (JCM) students have returned to the main campus in Riverside, CA. Through the internship, they were able to improve their music skills and basic foundations by taking part in various worship music performances.

As the new academic year is approaching, the school students are eager to present their work in a choir performance at the auspicious occasion, the 2018 Convocation.

"Convocation is the opening ceremony for the academic year," said Dr. Emily Ko, a Jubilee professor.

"The choral ensemble will praise the name of the Lord and proclaim the glory shown through our lives. I wish the song will ignite the students' heart to make a strong determination to run another productive year," added Ko.

This year, the choral devotion choice is titled as "That's What I Call to Glory" written by John Bolin, Cliff Duren, and Don Koch. This lilting powerful ballad is about God's glory through redemption and new life:

"I see a life that's made new. I see a love breaking through. That's what I call Glory. I see a heart that's redeemed. I see a prisoner set free. That's what I call Glory."

The ensemble team is spending extra hours at rehearsals to make this year's opening performance a memorable one.