Fly Jubilee Students Show Great Progress

The Fly Jubilee program offered by the Jubilee College of Music (JCM) is...

Music Students Start Vocal Training, Lead Campus Choir

The Jubilee College of Music (JCM) began offering sessions on vocal training,...

Academic Calendar

  • Final exam period
  • Fall quarter ends
  • Grades due

Affiliated Ministries

Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church is a place to remember the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as He showed through His sacrifice on the cross, opening the way for our salvation.


Breathecast is the largest and most extensive online source for Christian music in the nation.

Jubilee Chorus

Jubilee Chorus is a classical choral ministry devoted to give opportunities for Christians with classical backgrounds to serve God and to have fellowship with other musicians.

Jubilee Orchestra

The Jubilee Symphony Orchestra is an orchestral-focused branch of its parent ministry, Jubilee World.

Jubilee News

Jubilee Worship Australia Holds A Performance In The Christian Seminar

Jubilee Worship Australia held a performance. The concert was offered in...